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Legal Expert Issues Major Warning To Judge Engoron

via Forbes Breaking News
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Legal expert Michael Conway warned New York Judge Arthur Engoron to be cautious with his language during Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial, citing potential appellate court challenges.

Conway highlighted Engoron’s use of strong language in rejecting Trump’s legal positions and advised the judge to avoid reacting to Trump’s provocations.

“In New York, Engoron has used strident language in rejecting Trump’s legal positions, terming them ‘pure sophistry,’ ‘risible,’ ‘bogus arguments’ and ‘egregious’ in his summary judgment opinion. He sanctioned five Trump attorneys $7,500 each for the ‘borderline frivolous’ arguments in their briefs,” Conway wrote. (Trending: US Troops Deliver Devastating Blow to Biden)

“Harsh language isn’t a problem if it’s justified. But the more Engoron pushes the envelope, the more he risks an appellate court disagreeing with his assessment.”

“And Trump’s lawyers can and will argue the judge’s rhetoric is evidence of judicial bias.”

“He needs to take all necessary steps to ensure that a New York appellate court cannot overturn his decision. And that means not reacting to Trump’s hate-filled speech, or to his lawyers’ baiting and provocation.”

“It’s simply not worth it.”

Engoron recently denied a motion for mistrial, defending his actions and those of his chief law clerk, Allison Greenfield, against claims of bias.

“When an online publication mentions a graduate, including myself, I include an excerpt and/or a link, usually both,” Engoron said.

“Consequently, I have been the subject of entries concerning this case due to its undeniable newsworthiness.”

“However, I neither wrote nor contributed to any of the articles on which defendants focus, and no reasonable reader could possibly think otherwise,” he added.

Trump’s attorneys had raised concerns about Greenfield’s political contributions and her role in the trial.

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