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‘Lawless and corrupt’: Expert lays out how Trump’s plan is ‘straight out of the history of authoritarianism’

via ABC 7 Chicago
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Ex-President Donald Trump has been identified as one of the top global threats for 2024 by The Economist.

Reports indicate that his allies are screening potential followers and planning to expand his power in the U.S. government if he wins in 2024.

Historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat warns that Trump’s actions are reminiscent of authoritarian regimes, including plans for mass detentions and expansion of psychiatric institutions.

“Yeah, well, you know, Trump is an autocrat, not a Democrat,” Ben-Ghiat said.

“What he is doing here is straight out of the history of authoritarianism. it is not just the content of what he wants to do, mask importation’s mass detentions, and also if you get into it, he says he wants to expand psychiatric institutions, to put people in there.”

“That is what authoritarianism always does. He mentioned [U.S. Department of Justice special counsel] Jack Smith — locking up and declaring insane an investigator is exactly what authoritarians do.”

“The communists in the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) routinely put dissidents in psychiatric institutions.”

“So it’s not even just all that, it is the method. Because autocrats need a compliant bureaucracy to implement their repression quickly, and so they need a lawless and corrupt people who are not gonna have pangs of conscience.”

“That’s what happened the first time, he’s learned from that. There were too many civil servants who actually had ethics. Too many lawyers.”

“So this time, he’s not making that mistake. And it’s like, it’s like seeing the corruption chapter of my book come to life, because I wrote about this, that you must have lawless and corrupt people in government in order to have an autocracy.”

She emphasized the need for a compliant and corrupt bureaucracy for autocrats to implement repression.

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