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Democrats Split On How To Address Biden Health Concerns

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President Joe Biden, who turned 81, faces a divided Democratic stance on addressing his age during a potential re-election campaign.

Some aides suggest embracing his age, while others seek to downplay it.

Polls indicate a growing concern among Americans about his age. (Trending: US Troops Deliver Devastating Blow to Biden)

“I don’t think the campaign should be focused on anything but the winning record,” Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA) said.

“Everything else about people’s biographies or when their birthdays are – that doesn’t matter. People want to know, what did they do, and what are they going to do?”

“I think the strategy is not to even address it, to consider questions like that stupid or silly,” one democrat donor said.

“Literally everyone is talking about it, even amongst donors. But the response is always: ‘What are you going to do?’”

“Those close allies believe that Biden is mentally up for the job, but some acknowledge that the president can at times appear frail, according to two people involved in the conversations but not authorized to speak publicly about internal deliberations,” Politico reported.

Some Democrats propose using his age to convey wisdom and experience, while others aim to avoid addressing the issue.

Concerns about Biden’s “optics of age” are also raised within his inner circle.

Ron Klain, Biden’s former chief of staff, emphasized the need to address questions about age, proposing strategies to manage perceptions, including adjusting his public appearances and footwear.

“I think everyone knows it’s an issue, and we have to address it,” Klain said.

“[Biden will] keep on doing the job, campaigning with vigor and demonstrating to the American people his energy level, which is quite robust.”

“People close to the president have discussed having him walk shorter distances while on camera. They’ve also advocated, at times, trading in formal shoes for more comfortable ones — both to make his stride seem less stiff, but also to reduce the risk of falls,” Politico added.

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