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CNN panel bursts out laughing at GOP’s Trump Claims

via NBC News
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Former President Joe Biden official and a GOP operative discussed the potential match-up between President Biden and former President Trump.

The GOP operative claimed that Trump has the advantage due to his locked-in base, but the former Biden official pointed out that Trump can’t count on any voters beyond his base because independents are strongly aligned against him.

The comments led to laughter from off-screen panelists.

“What is more likely?” Republican party campaign adviser Scott Jennings asked, “That Donald Trump could hold his core base together, or that Joe Biden with his problems with African American voters, with his problems with young voters who think he hasn’t kept his promises, could hold its base together?”

“I think it is far more likely that Trump could hold his base again,” he pressed.

“But Trump can’t speak to the middle like Joe Biden can,” Bedingfield cut in.

“So the numbers under your scenario, the numbers can’t get Trump there,” to which the panelists burst into laughter.

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