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Transgender CEO Rips ‘Transphobic’ Press After Backlash

Steph Richards via X

Steph Richards, a transgender woman, was appointed as the new CEO of Endometriosis South Coast (ESC), a reproductive health charity, which sparked outrage among critics.

Richards defended the appointment, stating that the hire was based on qualifications and experience, not gender.

“It’s an absolutely shocking appointment. There’s just disbelief and despair among the entire community,” Conservative for Women Director Caroline Ffiske stated. (Trending: Biden Baffles Thanksgiving Guests With Bizarre Joke)

Richards also criticized opponents of the decision, calling their complaints transphobic.

“Many gynecologists are men – I don’t see any headlines about them,” Richards pressed.

“Some midwives are men – I don’t see any headlines about them either.”

“And how about the male paramedic who may deal with miscarriage or prolapse – there are no headlines about them either.”

“Am I wrong? No, I am not.”

“Diversity should be seen as a strength. Stereotyping is wrong, and by appointing me as the CEO of ESC, I will look at the issues Endo suffers endure with a different perspective than others.”

“Who can argue that is not a positive?” Richards added.

“ESC are an inclusive charity, meaning we welcome EVERYONE with endo and adeno. We do not mind if you are straight, gay, black, trans, non-binary or whatever.”

The controversy has affected Richards’ mental health and that of some volunteers.

Despite the backlash, Richards expressed a commitment to raising awareness of endometriosis and adenoyosis and addressing healthcare inequality.

“My mission will be to oversee the charity’s everyday running, raise awareness of #endometriosis and #adenoyosis and raise the profile of ESC,” Richards said.

“Feminism has many causes, far too many to put in one tweet – but for me, inequality in healthcare is a priority and I will do my best to help overcome this injustice,” Richards added.

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