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Liberal Host Makes Disgusting Comparison

via CNN

Former congressman Adam Kinzinger accused House Speaker Mike Johnson of having a lot in common with Taliban extremists during an appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO program.

Kinzinger also criticized Johnson’s ties to Trump and compared Christian nationalism to the Taliban’s religious implementation in government.

“Now the Republican guy sounds like bin Laden and Trump sounds like Hitler,” Kinzinger said.

“I’ve been reading a lot. I mean, I know people from North Louisiana, different from people from South Louisiana,” said Donna Brazile.

“Like I told you, we like our rice dirty. They like everything up there clean because they’re so close to Texas. But Mike Johnson, Speaker Mike Johnson, and, you know, I’ll let the congressman speak to his friend, but he may be quiet, but let me tell you what Trump called him: MAGA Mike.”

“He’s not my friend by the way,” Kinzinger jumped in.

“The only interaction I ever had with him [was], he was trying to get me to sign on to his Texas lawsuit,” he said.

“And I’m like ‘dude, you obviously don’t know me, because I’m actually the one that’s saying that your lawsuit is insane here.”

“I mean honestly Bill, when you look at who the Taliban is and what the Taliban is all about, ‘hey, we want to take Sharia law, this thing that we believe, and we want to religiously implement this into our government.’ There is no difference between Christian nationalism, which is what he’s representing, than the Taliban,” Kinzinger claimed.

“Maybe the end is different, maybe the means are different, than the Taliban… but there’s no difference in saying this is a government run on religion.”

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