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Joe Scarborough Told He Needs Medication After Unhinged Trump Rant

via The TODAY Show

Joe Scarborough’s recent rant about Trump’s alleged fascist tendencies have brought heavy criticism from Republicans.

Scarborough accused Trump of being a fascist based on his authoritarian language and disregard for democratic ideals.

“It’s time that fascism is called fascism and Americans know exactly what they’re voting for,” Scarborough said. (Trending: Donald Trump Gets Great News Ahead of 2024)

“You know, I’ve heard people poo-poo this and go, ‘Oh, people on the far left.’ No.”

“I’m a conservative, I’m on the right.”

“There’s a difference between conservatism, radicalism and fascism.”

“This is fascism.”

“Fascism is generally understood as an authoritarian far-right system of government in which hypernationalism is a central component. Check,” Scarborough added.

“It also features a cult of personality around a strongman leader. Check.”

“The justification of violence or retribution against opponents. Check. And the repeated denigration of the rule of law. Check,” he added.

“Fascist leaders appeal to a sense of victimhood to justify their actions. Check.”

“We’re entitled because we’ve been robbed, we’ve been victimized, we’ve been cheated and robbed. Check, check, check.”

Scarborough’s over-the-top reactions to Trump and his associates, particularly in suggesting that Trump’s behavior is dangerous and deliberate, have lead to a number of people slamming Scarborough online.

Social media flooded with negative reactions to Scarborough’s unhinged rant with one user saying, “Joe needs to get on some meds. Wow.”

Another person commented, “Joe Scarborough sounds like he’s going to cry lol. Joe & all these journos are shocked by the crowd’s positive reaction to Trump last night because they have never showed any interest in understanding the American People.”

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