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‘Plus Size’ Miss Universe Contestant Makes History

via Miss Universe 2023 on Youtube
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Jane Dipika Garrett, a “body positivity” advocate from Nepal, celebrated her top 20 placement in the 2023 Miss Universe pageant, expressing pride in representing “real-size beauty” and breaking beauty pageant stereotypes.

Garrett aims to become a motivational speaker to drive social change and is known for embracing her body, stating that every woman is beautiful just as they are.

“Top 20 baby! I’m grateful to all my fans and people who supported me. I gave my best and that’s what matters! I’m so proud to be representing real-sized beauty around the world and breaking the stereotypes of beauty pageants. So proud of the new Miss Universe and will forever cherish this season of my life that was life-changing!” she posted online.

“On the surface, I’m representing women of different bodies, shapes and sizes, but I’m representing strength, I’m representing resilience, I’m representing how to change your whole life,” she said.

“I never would have imagined me being here today.”

“Let’s get this crown and show the world true beauty that comes from within,” she said.

She aspired to be the first plus-size Miss Universe winner and won the title of Miss Nepal with what many attribute to her natural beauty and empowering statements.

“As a curvy woman who doesn’t follow certain beauty standards, I’m here to represent all women… I think there’s not one way to be beautiful, every woman is beautiful just as they are.”

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