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Colorado To Release Gray Wolves: Here’s When, Where And Why

via BBC Earth Unplugged on Youtube
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Colorado is set to reintroduce up to 10 gray wolves as part of a controversial plan, which was approved by voters but faced opposition from rural residents.

The state aims to release dozens of wolves from Oregon, hoping to establish self-sustaining packs totaling 150-200 animals.

While some see this as an ecological success, others, particularly farmers and ranchers, view wolves as a threat to livestock and wildlife.

The move comes amidst ongoing debates about wolf management, court orders protecting wolves from hunting, and federal-state conflicts over wolf control.

“The return of the wolf to Colorado has the potential to be an historic ecological success,” Michael Saul, Rockies and Plains field director for Defenders of Wildlife stated.

The wolves will be relocated to a rural area in west-central Colorado, with officials considering factors such as human population, political support, and prey animals.

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