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CNN Commentator Trashes Donald Trump’s ‘Excellent’ Doctor’s Note

via Forbes Breaking News

Donald Trump released a letter from his personal physician claiming his “overall health is excellent” and his “cognitive exams were exceptional.”

However, CNN commentator S.E. Cupp dismissed the letter as “propaganda.”

“That was propaganda. He released propaganda. Right? We have seen no lab results,” Cupp said.

“We’ve seen nothing other than whatever he told this doctor to say. I also heard that [North Korean dictator] Kim Jong Un hit 11 holes in one. He says that so we should believe it right?”

said it “encapsulates” the 2024 election cycle.

“So, on the one hand, Joe Biden? A little bit old,” CNN’s Jay Michaelson said.

“On the other hand, Donald Trump? A lying liar who makes up his own doctors’ reports and who would basically say, like, the cat ate my homework if that would get him an ‘A.’”

“We should also note, they’re just not that far apart in age,” added anchor Abby Phillip, referencing Trump being just three years the junior of his successor.

via Truth Social

The letter was published on the 81st birthday of President Joe Biden, leading to discussions about the age of both politicians.

Trump’s release of the letter was criticized for not including any medical records or lab results.

CNN’s Jay Michaelson noted that the situation encapsulates the 2024 election cycle, highlighting the age comparison between Trump and Biden.

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