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CNN Analyst Surprisingly Sides With Trump

via Fox News
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CNN’s senior legal analyst, Ellie Honig, surprisingly supported Donald Trump’s right to speak negatively about the charges against him, including criticizing the judge and prosecutor, citing the lifting of a gag order imposed on Trump.

Honig also expressed skepticism about using the 14th Amendment to disqualify Trump from office, noting the lack of a clear procedural framework and recent legal failures in various states.

Legal challenges using the 14th Amendment’s provisions have been dismissed in Michigan and Minnesota, with Colorado facing a similar lawsuit.

Honig highlighted the ambiguity surrounding the application of the Amendment due to its age and lack of clarification.

“Look, Donald Trump does have a right to speak and to speak in a negative way about the charges against him. You can criticize the judge, you can criticize a prosecutor,” Honig said.

“I think the people who’ve been pushing for Trump to be barred under the 14th amendment need to acknowledge that it’s over,” Honig stated.

“It’s just over… The fundamental problem here is yes, the 14th amendment says if someone engaged in insurrection, they’re disqualified. The problem is we don’t have a procedure.”

Despite legal challenges, Trump remains a favorite to win the presidency.

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