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Woke Medical Journal Claims ‘Highest Global Temperatures In Over 100,000 Years’

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The Lancet medical journal made claims about 2023 having the highest global temperatures in over 100,000 years, despite limited historical temperature data.

It also emphasized the impact of climate change on health, stating that heat-related deaths have increased, but failed to note that more people die from the cold.

The Lancet reported that “the world saw the highest global temperatures in over 100 000 years, and heat records were broken in all continents through 2022.”

The outlet claimed that the world “is at the mercy of fossil fuels.”
Adding, “climate change is increasingly impacting the health and survival of people worldwide.”

“These risks could worsen steeply with further inaction,” warned the journal.

The Lancet also claimed that, “heat-related deaths of people older than 65 years increased by 85% compared with 1990–2000.”

The data in the report showed that global warming has reduced the overall death rate from “non-optimal temperatures.”

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