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Poll: Democrats Hold Double-Digit Advantage on Abortion Issue

via ABC
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A Rasmussen Reports survey of likely voters found that abortion is expected to be a significant issue in the 2024 election, with Democrats holding an 11-point advantage over Republicans in trust to handle the issue.

More than half of likely voters identify as “pro-choice,” with Democrats being the most likely to believe abortion will be “very important” in 2024.

“Eighty-five percent (85 percent) of Democrats trust their own party more to handle the abortion issue, while 73 percent of Republicans trust the GOP more. Among unaffiliated voters, 36 percent trust Democrats more on abortion, 33 percent trust Republicans more and 31 percent are undecided,” the poll report reads.

“Voters under 40 are more likely to identify as pro-choice, and also more likely to expect that abortion will be a Very Important issue in the 2024 election.”

“Breaking down the electorate by income categories, voters in the highest bracket – earning more than $200,000 a year – are most likely to identify as pro-choice and also most likely to trust Democrats more to handle abortion.”

Women are significantly more likely than men to consider themselves “pro-choice,” and voters under 40 are also more likely to expect abortion to be a crucial issue in the upcoming election.

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