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Joe Biden Gets Bad News

via Forbes Breaking News

Jill Stein announced her candidacy for the Green Party nomination for President in 2024, criticizing President Biden’s spending on the “war machine” and calling for a viable alternative to the ruling parties.

Stein outlined a left-wing campaign platform, including promises of living-wage jobs, an Economic Bill of Rights, and a Green New Deal.

“With the war machine swallowing trillions of dollars as working people struggle to survive and the climate crisis accelerates, it’s time to offer voters a viable alternative to the bought-off politicians who have thrown them under the bus,” she stated.

“The ruling parties that got us into this mess aren’t getting us out,” Stein said. “Both Democrats and Republicans have betrayed their promises again and again.”

“Political insiders always smear outsiders like us, and try to shame voters who want better choices. But without freedom of choice in elections, there is no democracy.”

Stein emphasized the need for real choices on the ballot and a party that serves the people, highlighting the broken political system and the lack of democracy.

“It’s time to offer the American people a real choice on their ballot independent of the failed establishment,” she pressed.

“When we stand together, we can provide living-wage jobs for all Americans. We can guarantee an Economic Bill of Rights with the right to a job, healthcare, housing, food, education, and more,” she added.

“We can abolish student debt and medical debt,” Stein went on.

“We can create a Green New Deal with millions of jobs to fight the climate crisis and protect Mother Earth. We can ensure Constitutional rights, freedoms, and justice for all.”

“We can end endless war and rampant militarism, and use diplomacy and international law to end violence, occupation, and apartheid. We can build real democracy to empower the people.”

“We do have the power. And we can use it in this election to start building an America and a world that works for all of us.”

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