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Joe Biden Sets Another Presidential Record

via Bloomberg Television

President Joe Biden, at 81, has become the oldest U.S. president in history, surpassing the records set by previous leaders.

The record comes as many voters have questioned his ability to handle the demands of the presidency, suggesting that his age may pose significant challenges.

Notably, Biden hit his lowest approval rating ever according to a recent NBC poll.

The latest NBC News poll shows President Joe Biden’s lowest approval rating ever at 40%, with an astounding 57% disapproving.

The handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict has deeply impacted Biden’s foreign policy approval, with a significant drop from September.

The poll also indicates that Donald Trump leads Biden in a hypothetical 2024 rematch.

Trump’s likability has improved, and he now surprisingly leads Biden among the youngest voters.

“As the war between Israel and Hamas rages, it is having a transformative impact on our politics. We have a brand new NBC News poll out this morning, which shows the toll it is taking on the president,” said NBC’s Kristen Welker.

“I think you’re right to set it up that way,” Steve Kornacki responded.

“What’s happening in the Middle East really does seem to be connecting with what’s happening domestically in our politics. Let’s start with the bottom line here. President Biden, what is his job approval rating? We measure it now at 40%, with 57% disapproving.”

“The significance is that is the lowest President Biden has ever measured in our poll in terms of job approval. Just look at the sea change from the start of this year.”

“Recall, remember, Democrats coming off strong from the 2020 midterms, he was almost even. Now he’s 17 points underwater.”

“If you look by party, it’s significant for two reasons. One, independents, obviously, more than two to one disapprove. You don’t want to be there as an incumbent president.”

“But equally significant, no surprise, 7% of Republicans approve of Joe Biden’s job performance, but three times as many Democrats, 21%, more than one in five, say they disapprove.”

‘You need much more unified support in your own party than if you’ll have a successful re-election campaign. We mentioned the drop in that approval rating and the connection of the Middle East.”

“Here it is: on foreign policy, 33% approve of Joe Biden’s job performance. Just in September, we asked the same question, and it was 41-53.”

Welker jumped in, saying, “These numbers surprised our own pollsters with one saying he cannot remember a time when a foreign entanglement that didn’t involve U.S. troops had the power to transform the electorate, and that’s not the case in this poll.”

Additionally, when pitted against an unnamed Republican, Biden falls behind, while Trump’s lead diminishes when compared to an unnamed Democrat.

These shifts suggest a significant change in voter sentiment.

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