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Expert Explains Why You Should Look For ‘The Big Guy’ When Boarding A Flight

via NBC

A record number of 30 million Americans are expected to travel by air this Thanksgiving, but concerns have been raised about the deployment of air marshals to the southern border instead of their traditional role in aviation security.

Sonya LaBosco, director of the Air Marshal National Council, criticized the decision, emphasizing that it leaves the traveling public vulnerable.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz also expressed worry about the impact on public safety.

LaBosco highlighted the shift in air marshals’ duties, stating that they are not actively conducting law enforcement activities.

“We just received an email last week that resources are depleted as far as our flying air marshals,” Sonya LaBosco, director of the Air Marshal National Council said.

“We are ushering in illegal immigrants on the border and leaving the traveling public unsafe,” she added.

“Secretary Mayorkas has said more than once that the border is secure, so he is not concerned with that. But we all know that the border is not secure. He will not call this a crisis. But now, not only is the border destabilized, our aviation is destabilized as well,” LaBosco pressed.

“Clearly…we’re not flying right now. The only missions that we’re doing are quiet skies missions, and those are missions that are following the January 2021 people,” she jabbed.

“We’re either on the border for illegal immigrants or we’re following folks from January 2021. We’re not doing our regular missions where we’re out there looking for the bad guys. So right now, on most flights, you’re not going to have air marshals.”

“You need to look around to see who you might be able to ask to help you, like a good Samaritan, because you’re kind of on your own. If anything happens, please don’t wait. There’s going to be no law enforcement that’s going to help you, so you need to have a plan. Look where the exit doors are. Look where your flight attendants are standing around you,” she pressed.

“I would be looking around for a football player…a pretty big guy or a couple big guys, in case you needed to take action.”

She warned travelers to be vigilant and suggested seeking help from fellow passengers in case of emergencies, as law enforcement support may not be readily available onboard flights.

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