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Democrats Are Anxious As Grandpa Joe Turns 81

via ABC
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The Democratic Party is facing concerns about President Joe Biden’s age as he approaches 81, with worries that he may lose to Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

There have been a number of internal discussions within the Democratic Party regarding how to present Biden’s mental and physical state to voters, with suggestions to emphasize his wisdom and limit his physical movement in public.

“If you haven’t heard, the Democratic Party is full of anxious people right now,” Politico Playbook wrote.

“Even those in Biden’s inner circle, including family members, worry about the optics of age,” Politico‘s Elena Schneider, Holly Otterbein, and Jonathan Lemire wrote.

“Those close allies believe that Biden is mentally up for the job, but some acknowledge that the president can at times appear frail, according to two people involved in the conversations but not authorized to speak publicly about internal deliberations.”

Additionally, there remain great concerns about the lack of a clear reelection plan and a thin campaign operation in battleground states.

“The central concern is that Biden … has lost a step and is showing visible signs of aging. He has struggled to sell his economic accomplishments,” the Washington Post’s Ashley Parker, Tyler Pager, and Michael Scherer stated.

“And there are worries that his campaign, so far devoid of major events or organizing efforts, is not doing enough to deal with the public hand-wringing over his chances or the coming threat of Trump, 77.”

Polling data has indicated a strong decline in Biden’s popularity, with reports of Trump leading in recent polls.

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