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China Challenges US Mideast Policy

via BBC News
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China is using the conflict in Gaza to position itself as a stabilizing force in the Muslim world, contrasting its approach with what it sees as American interference in the Middle East.

Chinese diplomatic efforts have focused on urging a cease-fire and promoting peace talks, emphasizing support for the two-state solution.

“The Chinese do not bear the illusion that they can create a solution that no one thought of before,” said Yun Sun, director of the China Program at the Stimson Center.

“If solving the issue is unlikely, then it is more important for China to be present at the table, to play an active role, and to claim leadership when possible.”

However, experts suggest that China’s involvement is more about projecting global leadership than achieving substantial progress in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“China is a good friend and brother of Arab and Islamic countries,” said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

“Israel should stop the collective punishment of the people of Gaza and open a humanitarian corridor as soon as possible to prevent a wider humanitarian disaster.”

While China aligns with pro-Palestinian voices and criticizes U.S. positions, its ability to influence the conflict’s resolution is seen as limited.

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