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Americans Don’t Want A Trump-Biden Rematch

via Fox News

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie expressed concerns about the possibility of a Trump-Biden rematch leading to an electoral college deadlock, potentially requiring the House of Representatives to choose the president.

He warned that this scenario could further divide the country and lead to significant instability.

Christie also emphasized that a Trump victory is not assured, criticizing Trump’s campaign approach and highlighting the unpopularity of a Trump-Biden rematch.

“If Trump is the nominee, I bet you Manchin is going to run, and you could have a situation where nobody gets 270, and then it goes to the House of Representatives,” Christie said.

“And if you think our country is divided now, imagine when that happens. Those jokers took three weeks to pick a Speaker, imagine how long it will take them to pick a president, and who knows where that will end up,” he added.

“Do you really think that could happen?” asked CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

“It absolutely is a possibility. Look, the country has been very clear, Kaitlan. A lot of times, polling that’s close? You can wonder whether it’s really true or not. But I’ve seen the polling that you’ve seen, which is 75 percent or more of the people in the United States don’t want it to be a Trump-Biden matchup,” Christie said.

“And if that’s what it turned out to be, you’d be in a situation, where I think for sure, you’d see these No Labels folks coming in, and Joe Manchin or some other candidate would come into the race. And then, you really could have a situation, where no one gets to 270.”

“And so, I think that’s another risk that Republican voters have to consider, when you’re considering whether or not to vote for Donald Trump.”

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