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NBC’s Kornacki: Biden’s Job Approval Is Lowest Ever Measured in Our Poll

via NBC News
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The latest NBC News poll shows President Joe Biden’s lowest-ever approval rating at 40%, with 57% disapproving.

The handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict is impacting Biden’s foreign policy approval, with a significant drop to 33%.

The poll also indicates a potential re-match between Donald Trump and Biden in 2024, with Trump leading Biden by 2%.

“The significance is that is the lowest President Biden has ever measured in our poll in terms of job approval. Just look at the sea change from the start of this year. Recall, remember, Democrats coming off strong from the 2020 midterms, he was almost even, explained Steve Kornacki.

“Now he’s 17 points underwater,” added the political researcher.

“You need much more unified support in your own party than if you’ll have a successful re-election campaign, he continued.

“We mentioned the drop in that approval rating and the connection of the Middle East. Here it is: on foreign policy, 33% approve of Joe Biden’s job performance, said Kornacki.

“Just in September, we asked the same question, and it was 41-53,” revealed the analyst.

“Biden against an unnamed Republican, and this is a referendum on Biden. Look at this: he goes from being in a dogfight with Trump to double digits behind. But flip it around,” he continued, “Trump against an unnamed Democrat, and Trump goes from leading against Biden to down six points to the Democrat.”

Trump’s likability has improved, and he is now leading Biden among the youngest voters.

Additionally, when pitted against an unnamed Republican, Biden falls behind, while Trump loses to an unnamed Democrat.

These results suggest a significant shift in public opinion.

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