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‘Don’t Tread on Me,’ Argentina Celebrates First Libertarian President

via Guardian News

Javier Milei, an anarcho-capitalist and self-proclaimed libertarian, recently won Argentina’s presidency, marking a significant shift in the country’s political landscape.

His victory speech emphasized a commitment to liberty and a departure from the state’s role in politics.

Thousands celebrated in Buenos Aires, waving flags and embracing the party’s lion insignia.

“Without a doubt, we are partying tonight,” the president-elect of Argentina, Javier Milei,

“Today ends the idea that the state is loot to be divided among politicians and their friends,” proclaimed the new president.

“Today ends that vision that the victimizers are the victims and the victims the victimizers,” celebrated Milei.

Adding, “Today, we retake the path that made this country great, today we again embrace the ideas of liberty.”

Milei’s campaign slogan, “Viva la libertad, carajo!” (“Long live freedom, damn it!”) could reportedly be heard being chanted through the streets.

The American Gadsden flag, displaying a snake and the infamous “Don’t tread on me,” quote had been adopted by some of Milei’s supporters.

Venezuelan refugee René Ayala Bueno said, “We are full of hope with the very big promise that Argentina has finally awakened and with all the hope possible that next year, Venezuela will be taking the same steps that Argentina is taking today.”

The event also drew attention from Venezuelan refugees, hopeful that Argentina’s shift away from socialism could influence their own country’s future.

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