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Biden’s Birthday Prompts Huge Debate

via Forbes Breaking News
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President Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday with a low-key family gathering, but concerns about his age and fitness for office persist.

During a Thanksgiving turkey pardon event, Biden made comments that raised questions about his mental acuity.

“I just want you to know it’s difficult turning 60 – difficult,” Biden joked.

“Turns out on your 146th birthday, you run out of space for candles!” he later posted.

His age has become a focal point for critics, including former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Despite efforts to project vigor, concerns about Biden’s age continue to be a significant issue.

Biden’s campaign aims to downplay the importance of age in the upcoming election, emphasizing his track record instead.

“I don’t think the campaign should be focused on anything but the winning record,” said Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA).

“Everything else about people’s biographies or when their birthdays are – that doesn’t matter. People want to know, what did they do, and what are they going to do?”

The President’s birthday was acknowledged with minimal fanfare, and plans to commemorate the occasion on social media were in place.

Former President Trump has refrained from directly attacking Biden’s age, opting instead to criticize his competence.

“He’s not too old, he’s incompetent,” Trump said.

“Age is interesting because some people are very sharp and some people do lose it, but you lose it at 40 and 50 also,” he went on. “But no, he’s not too old at all. He’s grossly incompetent.”

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