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Israeli Women Subjected To Systematic Rapes By Hamas

via NBC News
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Israeli Investigators are recording and seeking accountability brutal actions of Hamas terrorists during an attack in southern Israel, highlighting extreme sexual violence and rape against women.

The assault resulted in numerous casualties and hostages, with evidence suggesting widespread, systematic sexual violence endorsed by the group’s leaders.

Israeli authorities are faced with the challenge of gathering evidence in what is described as the biggest criminal case in Israel’s history.

Eyewitness accounts and captured terrorists’ confessions detail horrifying acts, including rape, murder, and mutilation.

“This is the biggest criminal case in Israel’s history,” said David Katz, who leads one of Israel’s criminal investigation cyber units.

“We are dealing with thousands of murders and other crimes,” Katz continued.

“We’re still only in the initial phases of this investigation,” warned Katz, as he collects and reviews footage from 60,000 videos recorded on Oct. 7, including footage from Hamas terrorists.

“At this time, there are no known living victims, and many of the surviving victims still cannot speak about what happened to them,” he lamented. There has reportedly been a court ordered gag order on the victims and their families while the government investigates the assaults.

A witness that is being referred to as “S” described seeing a female being assaulted by multiple terrorists.

“I understood they were raping her,” S confessed.

“They were passing her from one person to the next. She was alive and standing on her feet,” said S.

Adding, “She was bleeding from her back.”

S reportedly described the mutilation and execution that the female endured at the music festival at the hands of Hamas.

“He did not even lift up his pants and shot her in the head,” S recalled.

Col. Golan Vach, serving in Israeli army’s National Rescue Unit, reportedly told reporters that he discovered two naked hostages that were bound together.

“I don’t know what happened to them before they were killed,” he admitted.

“But I do know that most regular women go to bed wearing pajamas,” said the commander to reporters.

The newly formed Civil Commission on October 7th Crimes by Hamas Against Women aims to document and bring attention to these atrocities.

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