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Israel Will Make History Books With First-Ever Military Action In Space

via Daily Mail

Israel recently made history by conducting the first combat act entirely in outer space.

The Arrow 3 interceptor missile, jointly developed by the US and Israel, was used operationally for the first time on November 9, intercepting a missile fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen.

This marks a significant advancement in outer space warfare, as countries like Israel and Germany are developing and deploying systems designed to combat threats beyond the atmosphere.

Breaking Defense has reported on the ongoing developments of space warfare.

“The Arrow system, produced by Israel Aerospace Industries, is the top tier of Israel’s multi-layered integrated air defenses, focused on incoming ballistic missiles,” reported the outlet.

Adding, “Arrow-3 is the most advanced variant currently in service; the Arrow-2 had its first successful intercept on Oct. 31. the Arrow 3 system was recently sold to Germany as Berlin sought a solution to threats in the wake of the conflict in Ukraine.

According to Breaking Defense, “Israel announced it was working on an Arrow 4 system to build on the success of Arrow 3 in 2021.”

This event signifies the increasing importance of space capabilities in modern warfare.

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