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Ex-RNC Chair Calls For Donald Trump To Be Thrown In Jail

via Guardian News
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Former RNC chairman Michael Steele called for former President Donald Trump to be jailed due to his repeated attacks on judges and court staff in ongoing court cases.

Trump faces various legal troubles at state and federal levels, including civil lawsuits and indictments.

“It is enormously dangerous, I am shocked that we have allowed this to get this far,” complained Steele.

“I’m just going to use my best analysis that I can give you at this point on this situation with Trump, and the attacks on the judges. Put his a** in jail. That’s how you end it. That’s how it stops,” claimed the RNC chairman.

“People will be mad, they will be upset,” reflected Steele, briefly.

Adding, “But there is no other person on this planet, certainly not in this country, who would be given the kind of grace that Donald Trump has been given to run his mouth the way he has—attacking clerks, attacking judges, attacking the prosecutors personally; threatening them.”

“We’ve shown the evidence when he does that how his base responds,” claimed Steele.

“And so the system is getting pulverized from within by Trump, and is being pressed to the umpteenth corner it can go in trying to appease him, and allow him to be free while he is still behaving this way,” said the former insider.

Donald Trump has already recommended that Judge Chutkan recuse herself from ruling over his case on Truth Social.

“I have just learned that the very Biased, Trump Hating Judge in D.C., who should have RECUSED herself due to her blatant and open loathing of your favorite President, ME, has reimposed a GAG ORDER which will put me at a disadvantage against my prosecutorial and political opponents,” wrote Trump to his followers.

Former U.S Attorney Barbara McQuade previously criticized Trump’s comments as “incredibly reckless”.

“Trump’s statement is incredibly reckless in light of the history of people responding to his dangerous rhetoric,” claimed McQuade.

“Someone could take violent action in response,” she cautioned.

Donald Trump’s attorney Christopher Kise, celebrated the judge’s ruling as the “right decision.”

He reportedly said that Judge Friedman has “allowed President Trump to take full advantage of his constitutional First Amendment rights to talk about bias in his own trial, what he’s seeing and witnessing in his own trial — which, frankly, everyone needs to see.”

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