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Employers Are Fed Up With College ‘Waste’ — Here’s Who They’re Hiring Instead

via CBS

Recent survey data indicates that employers are placing less value on college degrees, leading to a renewed appreciation for blue-collar job-seekers with skills and experience.

The study, involving 70,000 small businesses, revealed that 67% of employers believe higher education institutions are not graduating students with relevant skills needed in today’s business community.

This sentiment was echoed by some participants who expressed dissatisfaction with the talent produced by high schools and colleges.

Furthermore, the survey found that over 40% of employers are less likely to hire a job-seeker with a four-year degree.

“This doesn’t surprise me at all,” said the construction worker turned author, Ken Rusk.

“Colleges used to be a place where you would get a degree, and that would only enhance an effective human being, an already effective human being, continued the author of “Blue Collar Cash”,

“Now we’re seeing colleges attach these degrees to people that literally can’t come out and do some of the life skills that we need,” highlighted Rusk.

The shift away from requiring college degrees has been observed in major companies, and the rising costs of higher education have sparked discussions about student loan debt and government relief.

“They’ve [graduates] kind of been hoodwinked a little bit to think that the degree is the thing that’s going to carry the day completely,” explained Rusk.

Adding, “You have to remember that it’s something that you’re supposed to use to enhance the skills that you already have, and that’s what we’re seeing now.

Rusk criticized graduates for “relying way too much on that piece of paper or that degree, rather than getting some of the experiences that they need [and] that these companies really want.”

“Let’s use this to apply the law of supply and demand in our favor here, where supply is low and demand is high. That’s where the money goes,” Rusk advised.

“You can get a degree, or you can get a certificate in a lot of these trades for a tenth or a fifth of what you’re paying for college,” he continued.

Concluding, “Not only that, but you’re doing it in half the time, and you’re earning money while you’re learning versus paying to learn and then hoping you get a job that matches up with that debt.”

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