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Arab Countries Slam Doors On Palestinian Refugees, And Expert Explains Why

via CBS Mornings
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At a summit of leaders from over 50 Arab and Muslim states, Israel’s military response in Gaza was condemned, but no immediate solution was offered for the 2.3 million Palestinians displaced by the conflict.

Nearby Arab countries have not offered shelter to Gaza refugees due to their aversion to Hamas and its goals, as well as domestic concerns.

The Arab world is in an uncomfortable situation, needing to show support for Palestinians in Gaza, but not being able to do much beyond token statements of support and limited aid.

Ahed Al-Hindi, from The Center for Peace Communications said, “Arab states have historically been divided with regard to their stance on the Palestinian people and numerous other significant issues.”

“Although these states project solidarity with the Palestinian people, they hold divergent views on the most effective course of action, added the senior fellow.”

“Certain countries, including those in the Arab Gulf, Jordan, Morocco and Egypt advocate for a two-state solution, which they believe can be accomplished through diplomacy, explained Al-Hindi.

“Conversely, the Iranian axis espouses the ideology of obliterating Israel and establishing a Palestinian state extending from the river to the sea,” claimed the researcher.

“As a result, many Arab countries are concerned that aiding the Gazans could inadvertently benefit Hamas, given that the organization has ruled in Gaza for nearly a generation,” said Al-Hindi about helping civilians in Gaza.

AlHindi emphasized that “Hamas is a network affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Brotherhood opposes every Arab monarch. This poses significant internal risks to the aforementioned states.”

“Ideologies of the Muslim Brotherhood advocate for the overthrow of Arab monarchies and the formation of a Sunni revolutionary Islamic republic, which would resemble Iran but operate under the banner of Sunni jihadism,” added Al-Hindi.

“Since Hamas serves as an agent for Iran, which in turn presents an additional danger to Arab monarchs, the majority of these nations are worried that their assistance to Gaza may fall into the clutches of Hamas,” warned the reseracher from The Center for Peace Communications.

Arab states feel they should not be held responsible for Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians.

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