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UN Under Fire Over Silence On Evidence Of Hamas’ Disturbing Crimes

via ABC News
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Women’s rights groups and officials in Israel have documented cases of rape and gender-based atrocities carried out by Hamas terrorists during an attack on Israel but claim that the United Nations is ignoring their evidence.

Despite providing graphic and intimate evidence, the UN and women’s organizations have remained silent.

Israeli representatives have expressed frustration, citing a lack of acknowledgment and the acceptance of information from Hamas without verification.

“What I don’t understand is that we provided very graphic and descriptive evidence of rapes, including gang rapes and the remains of semen on young girls, it was not good enough for the U.N.,” stated Israeli representative Weiss Maudi.

“Yet data provided by the Hamas Ministry of Health is accepted and quoted without any verification at all.”

The UN Women’s response has focused on the crisis in Gaza, and international officials have been accused of overlooking the Israeli female victims due to political biases.

“Some of them deny because they think Israelis fabricate lies,” she added.

“Others can only see these events in the context of the so called ‘occupation’ and they say ‘This is unfortunate but what did you expect was going to happen?’”

“I think many believe that Israeli women had this coming to them because they are seen as privileged women living good lives in southern Israel, while they claim the Israeli military is flattening Gaza.”

Anne Bayefsky of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust said, “The fact is that U.N. Women is a phony human rights body, for which Jewish women and girls don’t count is so twisted that it blames Israel for the violence of Palestinian men against Palestinian women, claiming that ‘structural gender discrimination… in Palestine’ means the war ‘increase[s] women’s risks to gender-based violence and food insecurity.’”

“U.N. Women have been blasting around blood libels, including demonic characterizations of Israelis, whom they allege are responsible for the war’s devastating impact on Palestinian women and girls, including pregnant Palestinians,” she added.

“Yet on the issue of a pregnant Israeli woman whose body was slashed open and her fetus stabbed to death, or the pregnant woman believed to have given birth in Hamas captivity, they are silent.”

Additionally, international organizations have been criticized for denying the atrocities, which has had a negative impact on other women’s rights groups.

“Instead of taking care of ourselves and focusing on helping our victims and survivors, we are busy fighting these reactions and trying to prove that there were numerous cases of rape or women killed, their bodies mutilated, in the most horrible of ways,” Dr. Cochav Elkayam-Levy of Israel’s Civil Commission said.

“We have been struggling for weeks to get any recognition. Not only are they not responding or condemning what happened, they are now asking for us to provide more proof for the allegations.”

“Never in my life would I imagine that I would be standing in front of this distinguished committee to talk about gender-based war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against Israeli women and girls.”

“I pray that none of you, the committee’s distinguished members, will ever have to see the images I’ve seen.”

“Hamas might be now denying these war crimes, but during the attack and immediately after Hamas and its terrorists released horrific visuals of its brutal crimes, including hideous acts of torture, rape, abuse and murder of innocent women and girls, as trophies of war and killings in the most inhumane ways possible,” she added.

“But it is not only Hamas that is denying these hideous crimes – we as Israeli women feel we are all subject of a collective international denial.”

“The evidence is undeniable. Yet, we find ourselves fighting a dual battle: one against these atrocities and another against global silence.”

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