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Billionaire ‘Controligarchs’ Accused of Using AI To Control You

via Fox News

Author Seamus Bruner’s book “Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class, their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life” discusses how a group of billionaires, including Bill Gates, George Soros, and Warren Buffett, plan to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to control every aspect of people’s lives.

Bruner believes they aim to prioritize issues such as climate change and overpopulation as a means to achieve their ultimate agenda of control.

These particular billionaires are loyal to the World Economic Forum and have much in common with the elites of China.

Bruner writes that use of AI and technology is merely a way for them to gain more power and control, potentially leading to a future with a “peasant class” living in high-rise buildings and eating bugs.

“They want to control every aspect of your life from what you’re eating, to what you’re seeing, I mean information, of course,” Bruner stated.

“You talk about it all the time with the censorship and the clamp downs on dissent.”

“I go into great detail about how they really love China, and they love the Chinese system,” he said of his writing.

“The intelligence agencies, they’re using AI, they’re going to use the tech companies to do it,” Bruner added, exposing World Economic Forum attendees “who say that AI is going to eliminate 40 percent of the jobs.”

They desire “sort of a peasant class, living in high rise buildings and ultra low emission zones with no cars, eating the bugs, and that’s what AI is going to allow,” Bruner pressed.

“Something that gives me hope in all of this is that more and more people are craving authenticity.”

“It’s the same thing with the fake foods. Something that gives me hope is you know they’re not extremely popular, which is why they have to ban cows,” Bruner said.

“[M]ore people become aware of what’s going on spread the word, shining the disinfecting light of sunlight on these agendas. That does give me hope.”

“Nobody’s going to want to live in a pod eating bugs. The question is, once you’re out of work and given a meager basic income of $30,000, are you going to be able to do anything about it? And that’s why we need to act right now.”

“We need to band together. If you’re not doing something to counteract this force that is being exerted upon you, you need to at the very least spread the word. Our founders were right that you know, that’s why shows like yours are important — getting the information out there.”

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