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Miss Pittsburgh Launches Super Pac Against ‘Squad’ Democrats

WVFP New York

Madison Campbell, recently crowned Miss Pittsburgh and CEO of Leda Health, has launched Survivor PAC to support tough-on-crime candidates and oppose anti-police politicians.

The PAC’s initial focus is on freshman Democrat Rep. Summer Lee of Pennsylvania.

Campbell expressed concerns about rising crime, sexual assault, and antisemitism in Allegheny County, and criticized Lee’s response to these issues.

“I have to tell you, it reminds me of San Francisco,” Campbell said of Pittsburgh.

“There are not only tons of homeless encampments, there are needles, there is feces.”

“It’s very debilitating to me to see the city that I grew up in, that I love, that I used to walk around in, turn into what happened in San Francisco,” she pressed.

“We polled what constituents think about antisemitism and the rise of hate speech happening in the Jewish population, and over 80% of Allegheny County extremely is worried about what happened after Oct. 7 and protecting their Jewish neighbors.”

“And they have a very unfavorable appetite for Summer Lee returning.”

“And I can tell you, anecdotally, from talking to a lot of my friends who are Jewish and living [in Pittsburgh,] they don’t feel represented by Summer Lee,” Campbell continued.

Survivor PAC aims to endorse politicians who offer innovative solutions to crime and address community concerns.

“We want to endorse politicians that are going to think out of the box when it comes to crime,” Campbell said.

“And that’s not just sexual assault. That’s all types of crime.”

“And what we’re basically saying is the old way of thinking, trying to do the same thing for the last 50 years, is not going to work. We need innovative players here from a district attorney perspective, from a mayoral perspective, you name it.”

Campbell emphasized the need for political willpower to tackle urban issues.

“Like if we think about what happened in San Francisco over the last like what week, they managed to clean up all of San Francisco in, what, two, three days. It shows that there is the political power to do that.”

“There is political power to create innovative solutions to clean up our cities, but there needs to be willpower.”

“And a lot of these politicians lack willpower.”

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