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Joe Rogan’s Story About Trump Will Terrify Liberals

MMA Bouts

Former President Donald Trump made a high-energy entrance at a UFC event in New York City, accompanied by Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson, and Dana White.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan described the scene as reminiscent of a superhero film, noting a massive energy shift in Trump’s favor.

Rogan observed overwhelming support for Trump, with the crowd cheering for over a minute.

“He walks out to Kid Rock’s ‘American Badass’ with Kid Rock and Tucker Carlson, walking in like the right-wing Avengers, and the place went nuts,” Rogan said.

“One of the wildest aspects of it is that every time they go after him he rises in the polls,” Rogan added.

“Now, when he walked out at Madison Square Garden [on Saturday], it was f—— bananas. It was — the whole place was cheering.”

Trump received near-unanimous love, and Rogan highlighted the impact of the cheering.

“I’m telling you, the f—— cheers of the crowd were nuts. I mean, it was overwhelmingly in support of him. And it lasted a loooong time,” he pressed.

“Imagine a minute of people screaming at the top of their lungs.”

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