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Jen Psaki Is Very Worried That Donald Trump Will Lock Up His Political Enemies If Re-Elected


Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki has warned against electing Donald Trump as President, citing concerns about potential reprisals and the unraveling of the rule of law.

She expressed worry about Trump’s speeches and recent statements, including his support for prosecuting political rivals.

“Yet the hand ringing and cocktail party speculation about an alternative to Joe Biden is continuing, will continue,” she pressed.

“Guess what? Joe Biden isn’t perfect. No candidate is, by the way, but we have to understand what the alternative is here.”

“If elected to a second term, Donald Trump would prosecute anyone he deems an enemy, unleash troops on protesters, and essentially unravel the rule of law as we know it … But sure, Joe Biden is 3 years older and occasionally trips over things.”

“Look, there’s a lot to be concerned about right now when it comes to a second Trump term.”

“The speeches are getting much more disturbing and much more unhinged, and we should all hear it that way,” she added.

“And the things he is saying right now are some of the most concerning things we have ever heard him say.”

On the other hand, recent polling has shown a significant voter disapproval regarding Joe Biden’s presidency, with many concerned about his cognitive strength, the state of the economy, and his foreign policy decisions.

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