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Hunter Biden Grand Jury Is a Farce

CBS Mornings
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Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett has criticized the federal grand jury probe into Hunter Biden, calling it a “farce.”

He highlighted the appointment of David Weiss as special counsel to investigate potential violations of gun and tax laws by Hunter Biden, suggesting that the case may be a charade due to its secrecy and lack of evidence.

“This is a guy that tore up an agreement to file six serious charges against Hunter Biden. He concocted the sweetheart deal to give him immunity and no jail time,” Jarrett said of Weiss.

“It imploded and he was forced by a federal judge to bring the gun charge, and I think Congress has uncovered so much incriminating evidence and forced him to convene this grand jury, but I suspect it’s a charade because it’s secret,” he added.

“If a prosecutor like Weiss wants to present a lackluster apathetic case with feeble evidence, and either not make a recommendation to the grand jury on indictment, or to argue against an indictment, he can do that,” he said.

“This strikes me as a farce, window dressing,” Jarrett pressed. “I hope I’m wrong. We’ll wait and see.”

Jarrett expressed concerns about potential political bias and double standards in the case, pointing to the impact it may have on Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden may escape legally but politically, I think this is going to damage him,” Jarrett concluded.

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