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Democrat-Led Cities Pay For Migrants’ Tickets To Other Places As Resources Dwindle

via NBC News
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Democratic cities are using taxpayer funds to provide bus, plane, and train tickets for migrants to move to other cities due to dwindling resources.

The transfer of migrants has increased as more people arrive at the U.S. southern border, leading to challenges in housing, medical care, and transportation.

Cities like Denver, New York, and Chicago have spent significant amounts on tickets, while facing pressure from the influx of migrants.

“The people who are desperate, who are coming here for shelter and assistance, we’re not going to turn those people away,” Denver Human Service’s Jon Ewing stated.

“But at the same time we have to make it very clear to them that’s there’s only so much we can do.”

“It breaks my heart. It is like we have so many children and little ones that we know we can’t even help,” said Yoli Casas of Vive Wellness.

“There’s just no more room. There’s no more funding. There’s no nothing. We’re not prepared,” she pressed.

Tensions have arisen between political leaders regarding the relocation of migrants, prompting some cities to seek more federal assistance.

“People go where it’s most appropriate rather than potentially going in circles and circles, from one city to the next.”

“That doesn’t help anybody,” he added.

“You have mayors across the country that are struggling with this international crises and we need the federal government to do more,” stated Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson.

“We have other Democratic cities, Denver, California, L.A., sending their people to Chicago, New York. They’re sending their migrants to Chicago. Why? Because they are saying, ‘We can’t take anymore.’ Chicago has yet to say, ‘We can’t take anymore,’” Chicago Alderman Anthony Beale, who has backed the ballot measure, said.

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