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Bill Gates Is Using This Strategy To Build Microsoft On Farms

via TheEllenShow on Youtube

Seamus Bruner, author of Controligarchs, stated that Bill Gates’ farmland purchases are an adaptation of a strategy used by Microsoft in the 1990s to dominate the industry, which got them in trouble with antitrust regulators.

Gates is investing in farmland and fake meat companies, using a strategy of entering the farming space, expanding his reach, and pushing for regulations that will put farmers out of business.

“Most people have heard by now that Bill Gates is amassing large tracts of farmland all across the country,” Bruner began.

“But what they don’t know is why a software salesman or how can become a farmer. … Bill Gates has adapted this Microsoft strategy from the 1990s that got it into trouble with antitrust regulators.”

“The strategy was called embrace, extend, extinguish, where Microsoft would enter an industry — the browser, Internet browser industry — it would extend its reach, and then it would extinguish the competition. And so, we’re seeing that right now with Bill Gates’ — both his land investments and his food investments.”

“He’s investing in these fake meat companies. So, he enters the farming space.”

“He acts as if, oh, it’s just an honest, humble investment and then he expands his reach, buys up more and more property and then he pushes for the regulations that are going to put the farmers out of business.”

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