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Veteran Cop, Bodybuilder Ditches Career For New Gig

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A former Canadian law enforcement officer, Bianca Jag, transitioned to a career as a bikini and OnlyFans model, earning nearly $2,000 a week.

After leaving her job in 2012, she initially attempted to run a restaurant before turning to webcam modeling to improve her financial situation.

With over 120,000 Instagram followers and 1 million post views, she invests a significant portion of her income in maintaining her physique and youthful appearance through surgeries and treatments. (Trending: Judge Issue Major Ruling On Transgender Procedures For Kids)

“I was very good at my job as a cop,” Jag stated. “My main goal was to help people and I had a lot of duties.”

“I also did investigational work, but after 17 years as an officer I left because it wasn’t fulfilling anymore. I was not happy and needed a change in my life.”

“I started working as a webcam girl to get back on my feet financially after my restaurant closed down,” she said.

“At the time, I was in a competition as a bodybuilder and knew someone who had a website to show off muscles so I figured I would try it.”

“I get a lot of compliments on webcam about my looks which is very flattering and people often tell me I don’t look my age,” she added.

“Some even ask if I made a typo when writing down my age.”

“I don’t overdo it because I don’t want my face without expression,” she pressed.

“To how much I spend … my friend had the funniest answer to that. She replied once on cam that it cost ‘a lot of f—— money.'”

Despite spending on cosmetic procedures, she emphasized that she is content with her current appearance and does not plan to undergo further surgeries.

The story also highlights other female police officers who have left the profession to pursue modeling careers or have been exposed for operating racy OnlyFans accounts while working in law enforcement.

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