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RFK Jr. Claims Star Actor’s Dad Involved in JFK’s Murder

via CNBC
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Robert Kennedy Jr. claimed in an interview that Woody Harrelson’s late father was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Harrelson’s father, a convicted hitman and reputed mafia associate, claimed before his death that he was part of the group responsible for Kennedy’s murder.

Kennedy stated that Harrelson was involved in delivering Secret Service badges to people on the grassy knoll during the shooting. (Trending: Jury Reaches Verdict In Paul Pelosi Hammer Case)

He also mentioned that several Italian mafia figures connected to the assassination were killed, and Harrelson was a professional hitman recruited from the military.

“Woody Harrelson’s dad was involved in the assassination, and he confessed multiple times,” Kennedy said.

“He was not a shooter,” he added.

“What he said his role was was when the shooting started from the grassy knoll, a big crowd of people saw the smoke coming up, and they ran up to look at it — to see the source of it.”

“The Secret Service later said there were no Secret Service people on that hill,” Kennedy continued. “Charles Harrelson’s function was to deliver the Secret Service badges to a group of people on the hill.”

“There were over 30 people who were killed who were witnesses or potential witnesses,” he said.

“He was a professional hitman,” Kennedy pointed out. “He had been recruited out of the military, worked for the CIA, and then worked for the Carlos Marcello mob, and he died in maximum security prison for the murder of a federal judge.”

“But he was a very, very interesting character, and he confessed at one time. But then he told Woody the story, which Woody told me.”

Harrelson died in prison for the 1979 assassination of a Texas judge.

The claim is based on a famous photograph of the ‘three tramps’ near Dealey Plaza, where one of the tramps resembled Charles Harrelson.

Woody Harrelson has openly supported Robert Kennedy Jr.’s bid for the White House.

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