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Judge Joe Brown Explains Why He’s Leaving the Democratic Party

via Inside Edition
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Judge Joe Brown, known for his no-nonsense approach, expressed his shift away from the Democratic Party, citing their anti-family and anti-man stance.

He criticized the party’s move to the far left and glorification of dysfunction, pointing out the attempt to instill a secular religion in schools.

Brown emphasized the lack of cause and purpose and the focus on individualism, which he believes is insufficient to drive people to work. (Trending: Eight Republicans Who Shamefully Sided With Democrats Over Impeachment)

“I’m an independent now. I can’t stand the Democratic Party. Really,” announced the Judge.

Brown was then asked, “What happened? What caused you to change?”

“They decided to be anti-family and anti-man, and I don’t buy into that,” explained Brown.

“Has it always been like that?” was asked next.

“No, it wasn’t,” recalled Brown.

“Something happened. They kind of got stuck over there in that far left corner someplace and they forgot about the working people in this country,” claimed the celebrity judge.

“It bothers me. Somewhere in the last 55 years, what’s happened is the country has switched over into glorifying what I call dysfunction,” lamented Brown.

Adding, “And at some point it’s just enough is enough. You’ve got a thing right now where they’re trying to groom children in school. They’re trying to install a secular religion as the official religion of the country.”

“People don’t have any cause, any purpose anymore, so they want to give them one,” he warned.

“But in this one it says you have no duty on or obligation, responsibility, accountability, be what the hell you want to be,” encouraged Brown.”

“Just get your freak on and there you go. But that’s not sufficient to keep people working,” celebrated Judge Brown.

Despite his previous involvement with the Democratic Party, he now identifies as an independent.

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