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CNN Admits Biden Nearly Gave up Sensitive Info During Hostage Talks

via ProPublica
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During a press conference, President Biden almost revealed sensitive details about negotiations over hostages held by Hamas and had to seek confirmation from Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The incident highlighted the sensitivity of the negotiations and the cautious approach taken by the administration.

President Biden expressed cautious optimism about the ongoing negotiations, emphasizing their sensitivity and the need for discretion. (Trending: ‘The View’ Host Suffers Anti-Trump Meltdown For the Ages)

CNN Senior White House Correspondent MJ Lee reported on the incident.

Lee said, “if I could just note one more very interesting moment that stood out to me and — helpful, because I was sitting so close to the front row, I was in the second row, the first row of reporters in this press conference, when President Biden was asked about the ongoing hostage negotiations, he said that he was mildly hopeful.”

“He started to talk about a pause that Israel may have agreed to,” explained Lee.

“And then he looked over at Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was sitting right in front of him, and made some remark about how perhaps he shouldn’t get too much into the detail[s],” he continued.

“And Secretary Blinken [shook] his head no, definitely do not get into too much of the details,” Lee recalled.

Lee said, “I thought it was a really interesting moment that captured just how sensitive these negotiations have been. The President, of course, has been sort of optimistic all along, at least in what he has said in his public remarks, that he will ultimately end up seeing these American hostages and others get out.”

Adding, “But these negotiations are ongoing. And you can tell, just from that very interaction, that those talks have been incredibly, incredibly sensitive.”

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