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‘Brainwashed’ College Kids Would ‘Rather Pimp Out Their Daughters’ Than Have A MAGA Son

via Scripps News
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College students in Washington, D.C., expressed little concern about their daughters using OnlyFans but were deeply disturbed by the idea of their sons supporting former President Donald Trump.

According to the Daily Caller’s Joel Gibbons, the students were more focused on making money than protecting their daughters.

Gibbons also mentioned that the students seemed to have been influenced by their professors into believing that OnlyFans is acceptable and that society is no longer interested in safeguarding younger generations. (Trending: ‘The View’ Host Suffers Anti-Trump Meltdown For the Ages)

“It was a really sad video, but also a really funny video,” said Gibbons.

Adding, “I also found out how some girls are a little worried about their boyfriends trying to trick them into becoming MAGA kids, so there’s a variety of stuff that went into it but sometimes you can’t help people.”

“These kids are completely, completely brainwashed,” said the journalist.

Highlighting, that “They don’t think OnlyFans is a problem, they don’t think it’s something to deal with, they think it’s something they’re gonna be dealing with for the rest of their lives.”

“That also shows how divided and crazy we are People these days are so polarized, especially younger people, because that’s all they see, and that’s where we’re looking ahead in the future. Because these are all voters, these people are all over 18. So, get ready,” Gibbons prompted.

“You gotta come in soft and they don’t think of that as a crazy thing,” continued Gibbons.

“An OnlyFans, again, is like a woman’s right, that’s the right of a woman to make money, that’s the right of a woman to empower themselves, that’s their idea. So when you ask crazy questions like ‘would you date a transgender,’ that’s another video we did, we come in and you think that they’re gonna be like, aghast or they’re gonna be like, ‘I can’t believe you’d asked me something like that’ or even ‘that’s offensive,’ but a lot of the time people are just going straight in and they’ll just answer the question immediately because they don’t want to be offensive. So they’re trying their best not to be offensive, and that’s what makes the video.”

He highlighted the extreme polarization and division among younger people and emphasized the impact this could have on future elections.

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