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U.N. Security Council Demands Ceasefire

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The UNSC has passed a resolution for humanitarian pauses and corridors in Gaza, with the US, UK, and Russia abstaining.

Russia sought a harsher stance against Israel and a permanent ceasefire.

The US abstained due to the resolution’s failure to condemn Hamas atrocities. (Trending: Judge Issue Major Ruling On Transgender Procedures For Kids)

The UK, likewise, regretted the lack of condemnation for Hamas.

“The Council resolution said the hostages were ‘held by Hamas and other groups’ – not that they were raped, mutilated and kidnapped by Hamas,” Tuoro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust director Anne Bayefsky said.

“It never mentioned Israel’s U.N. Charter right of self-defense. It refers only to civilians ‘in Gaza’ and never in Israel. It never mentions ongoing rocket attacks against Israelis. And yet the Biden administration refused to veto it.”

“The United States voted the same way as that moral stalwart Russia and merely abstained.”

“It is shocking, morally bankrupt and bodes very badly for the future of humanity, since make no mistake: use of the United Nations to invert right and wrong is just as bad for Americans as it is for Israelis,” she pressed.

Critics accused the US of failing to block a resolution that didn’t acknowledge Hamas abuses.

Israel’s ambassador called the resolution disconnected from reality, stating it demanded a pause without acknowledging the situation.

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