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UNDER ATTACK: Nearly 60 US Troops Injured By Iran Proxies

via SKY News

In the last month, nearly 60 American troops have been reported injured following 55 attacks by Iran-backed groups in Iraq and Syria.

The attacks escalated after Hamas’s attack on Israel, leading to U.S. strikes on alleged weapons facilities in Syria.

The Pentagon maintains that the attacks on U.S. troops are separate from the Israel-Hamas conflict and are due to Iran’s opposition to U.S. presence in the region. (Trending: Jury Reaches Verdict In Paul Pelosi Hammer Case)

“Since October 17th through today, we are tracking that there have been 55 attacks on U.S. forces. There have been 27 attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq and 28 attacks in Syria,” stated Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh.

“We are also tracking 59 U.S. personnel who have received injuries in the [traumatic brain injury] or non-serious categories since these attacks began. Approximately 27 personnel have been evaluated for TBI and 32 for other non-serious injuries. As of today, all 59 have returned to duty,” she added.

“We are in Syria and Iraq for our mission to defeat ISIS. We have seen Iran and Iran proxy groups continue to attack U.S. forces because we know Iran doesn’t want us there, we know Iran does not want to see U.S. forces on the ground, and in the region, frankly. And so we saw this back in March, we’ve seen this before, where they attack our forces.”

Despite concerns about escalation, the U.S. is deliberate in its strikes against these groups.

“I think we are being very deliberate on how we — and when we conduct our — our strikes against these groups. And I think that Iran is certainly seeing that message,” Singh pressed.

“We’ve taken action, we’ve hit weapons storage facilities. And it’s important to remember the facilities that we hit are now destroyed.”

“These groups cannot go back to these facilities and take weapons out because they’re gone. So we feel that we are being very precise with our targeting and ensuring that we can inflict the most damage to the — these groups and their — their capabilities.”

The Pentagon asserts that the attacks are not a spill-over from the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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