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No, Bill Gates Isn’t Buying Up American Farmland to ‘Save the Planet’

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Bill Gates, along with other wealthy individuals, has been acquiring farmland under the guise of addressing climate change.

However, investigative journalist Seamus Bruner claims that this is a scheme to control food production and covers it in depth in his new book, “Controligarchs”.

The acquisition of farmland and patented agricultural products aims to consolidate control over the food system, benefiting the ultra-rich at the expense of small-scale farmers.

“The takeover of the food system, like so many other control schemes in this book, began with the Rockefellers and was advanced by Bill Gates,” alleges Bruner.

Gates’ land purchases also include rights to underground water, with the ultimate goal of eliminating family farms.

“The Controligarchs claim they can solve the climate crisis with new patented miracle products that happen to make themselves even richer and, once again, at the expense of small-scale independent farmers,” continued the investigative journalist.

“First, it was patented seeds and patented fertilizers, and now they are patenting meat alternatives,” Bruner explained.

“Banning cattle would grant effective monopolies to the alternative protein companies and benefit investors such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and even BlackRock. Fake meats are about controlling the food market, not saving the planet,” he warned.

“All told, Gates has spent over [$1 billion] on farm acquisitions and the Agenda 2030-compliant technologies they now employ,” alleges Bruner.

“When Gates buys tens of thousands of acres, he is not just buying the land — he is also buying the rights to water below ground,” writes Bruner in his “Controligarchs”.

Adding, “In addition to farms (and the irrigation) and fertilizer, Gates has been hunting for sizable interests in water and water treatment — a crucial component when seeking to control the agricultural industry.”

This control scheme is depicted as a means for the global elite to profit while claiming to address climate change, ultimately affecting food production and the livelihood of farmers.

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