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Female Boxer Refuses to Fight Trans Opponent In Championship

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A female boxer in Quebec withdrew from a provincial championship after being informed last minute that she would have to fight a male-born transgender opponent.

Dr. Katia Bissonnette refused to step into the ring with Mya Walmsley and subsequently withdrew from the match, leading to Walmsley being declared the winner by default.

Walmsley, who has a history of political activism, expressed frustration over the situation, while Bissonnette cited safety concerns, referencing a study on the impact of male blows compared to female blows. (Trending: Judge Issue Major Ruling On Transgender Procedures For Kids)

“I came down from my hotel room to head towards the room where all the boxers were warming up,” explained Bissonnette to the media.

“My coach suddenly took me aside and told me he received information by text message, which he had then validated, that my opponent was not a woman by birth,” she recalled.

“We did not have any other additional information,” added the boxer.

Bissonnette claimed that her opponent would have to box as a man in Australia, but was allowed tot fight as a female in Canada.

Walmsley wrote a social media post in response to the incident.

“Rather than turning to me, my coach, or the Quebec Olympic Boxing Federation for more information, she decided to turn directly to the media to out me,” wrote Walmsley.

“This kind of behavior puts athletes at risk of being excluded or receiving personal attacks based on hearsay … I am afraid that this type of accusation could eventually be used to delegitimize athletes in the women’s category and justify arbitrary and invasive regulations,” claimed the boxer.

Bissonnette argued for separate categories for biological males and females in sports, emphasizing the physical and psychological risks for women in close-contact sports involving transgender athletes.

“Women shouldn’t have to bear the physical and psychological risks brought by a man’s decisions regarding his personal life and identity,” argued Bissonnette.

Adding, “There should be two categories: biological male and female.”

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