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University Professor Lashes Out At Conservative Student Group In Wild Rant

via Michigan Tech University

Dr. Carl Blair, a history and anthropology professor at Michigan Technological University, insulted and ranted against the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter, calling their Freedom Week project “childish,” “stupid,” and “homophobic.”

He expressed frustration with the group’s actions and criticized some faculty members for potentially hoping to censor the YAF, mocking their claims of being victims of speech restrictions.

The YAF released a video showing a protester vandalizing and tearing down the mock Berlin Wall, and Blair reportedly stood by his comments when contacted for a response. (Trending: Court Hands Down Crucial 2nd Amendment Ruling)

“For those of you who weren’t aware of it [YAF’s Freedom Week activism project], good. For those of you who were aware of it, it was childish, stupid, homophobic, dumb, racist twits. That’s the polite version,” explained the doctor.

“Because there are, quite bluntly, certain faculty members who are hoping…the students will be censored for this,” he added.

“Because then they can go off and say and pretend ‘Oh we’re victims, you’re restricting our, you know, freedom of speech, we should have, we have a constitutional right to be insulting, violent and threatening. How dare you restrict our speech?’” he continued.

“Strictly speaking, they’re right. They didn’t target a single student, just groups It was wrong, it was tacky, it’s not illegal – what they did. Stupid, uncollegial, really bad taste, and it shows what a bunch of ying yangs they are,” bemoaned the professor.

Adding, “You know, it’s too bad you all have to deal with things like that. Wasted half my morning dealing with things like that. It’s annoying.”

The university emphasized its support for freedom of speech and academic freedom, while the YAF defended free speech and condemned the vandalism of their display.

Blair concluded by lamenting that dealing with such controversies detracts from the academic environment.

“That’s not what college should be about. You know, it should be a place where you could learn, experience, do interesting things, have interesting opportunities – hint, hint, study away – uh, rather than wasting your time and having to address idiots.” he complained.

“They’re idiots out there. Sorry, that’s life,” warned Blair.

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