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Pro-Palestine Activists Face Wave Of Hostility

via NBC News
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Amidst the conflict between Hamas and Israel, pro-Palestinian activists in the United States have begun to face threats, intimidation, and harassment.

Reema Wahdan, a Palestinian advocate, found a bullet in her living room and believes she was targeted due to her activism.

Others have reported threats, doxxing, and job loss for their support of Palestinian rights.

“We’ve been extremely overwhelmed and are understaffed in just trying to support everyone from students to professionals of all ages, who are facing backlash and feel unsafe in their workplaces and or being fired for speaking out for Palestinian human rights,” said the Arab American Discrimination Committee’s Jasmine Hawamdeh.

“If someone was intentionally targeting me so I cannot speak up to what’s going on, then they failed,” she stated.

“I’m going to keep on doing it. If I have to die for that work, that’s fine too. But I’m not going to be silent.”

Venues have canceled events, and individuals have been threatened for social media posts.

Pro-Palestinian activism has also sparked backlash among Jewish communities. College students have been targeted, with their names and faces displayed on digital billboards, leading to concerns for their safety.

“There were points where, from my own bedroom window, I could see the truck and my face on it,” the student recalled.

“It was Orwellian to look out my window and see my headshot under the title ‘leading antisemite.’ It was just so jarring because, obviously, none of us are antisemitic.”

“It was crazy to have my own face looking into my room with this claim under it.”

The recent conflict has intensified such activities, creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation for those advocating for Palestinian rights.

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