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MSNBC Host Says 45-Year-Olds Couldn’t Do What Biden Does


MSNBC commentator Mike Barnicle has fervently defended President Joe Biden’s capabilities, claiming that the media mistreats him and underestimates the weight of the presidency.

Barnicle insists that Biden manages an immense workload and global responsibilities, dismissing concerns about his age and physical frailty.

“Very few of us, very few in the media, really pay enough attention to the weight that this president carries each and every day. You mentioned most of it. Right now, he is carrying two twin towers of tyranny,” he pressed. (Trending: Court Hands Down Crucial 2nd Amendment Ruling)

“One in Donald Trump here domestically, the other Bibi Netanyahu in Israel, who’s perhaps the biggest obstacle to a two-state solution that exists today. So the president has that on his plate.”

“He’s got a meeting tomorrow with President Xi [Jinping], Premier Xi in San Francisco. He’s got that on his plate.”

“But he has, every hour of every day, something that comes across his desk.”

“None of us can comprehend the weight of the presidency, every hour of every day.”

“And as he would tell you if he were here today, it’s amazing how every country in the world looks to the United States for help, for solutions, for just almost anything you can think of. Every single day,” he went on.

“But you read every newspaper in the country, read every newspaper in the country about President Biden, within the first two paragraphs they’ll point out he’s in his 80s. No kidding. He knows how old he is,” he mocked.

“You couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it. Someone 45 years of age couldn’t do what he does every day, but he does it.”

However, critics have argued that Biden’s frequent confusion, stumbling, and memory lapses are clear signs of senility, which Barnicle and left-wing media refuse to acknowledge due to their support for Biden’s agenda.

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