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Israeli Actress Demands FBI Probe Funding, Terror Links Of American College Groups

via Noa Tishby
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Israeli actress Noa Tishby testified before Congress, urging the FBI to investigate funding behind pro-Palestinian groups on American college campuses, claiming they are “brainwashing” and “grooming” students to align with “terrorist sympathizers.”

She specifically pointed to Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), alleging connections to terrorist organizations.

Tishby called for the removal of these groups from campuses and emphasized the need for action to counter what she sees as an assault on Jewish students and American values. (Trending: Photos Released Of Cocaine Found In White House)

Tisby claimed that violence towards Jewish students “has been planned, engineered and incubated for decades by heavily funded, professionally orchestrated groups with close connections to terrorist organizations, like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP.”

“One of the main perpetrators of campus Jew-hate is Students for Justice in Palestine or SJP,” accused Tishby in her opening remarks.

“SJP was set up and is supported by groups and individuals with well documented records of support and fundraising for terrorist organizations,” explained Tishby.

“Individuals like Hatem Bazien, who founded SJP and is also the founder of American Muslims for Palestine – or AMP,” she continued.

“Terrorist sympathizers figured out decades ago that instead of sending money to jihadist organizations, they will target the hearts and minds of young and naïve, sometimes well-meaning American students,” Tishby warned.

“And after Oct. 7, we have seen that anything goes: Beheading babies and raping women is just fine. If it’s done to the Jews, they call it resistance,” claimed the actress.

“Ladies and gentlemen, SJP is a hate group. It is grooming American college students – grooming your children – to hate Israel, hate Jews and hate America” adding, “And for years, universities stood by, watched this brainwashing take place and did nothing.”

“We need to kick these hate groups off campus,” demanded Tishby.

“How can it be that college fees and taxpayers’ dollars are funding hate groups that cheer on the burning alive of Jewish families? Every college in this country should ban SJP, and never let them back,” ordered Tishby.

Adding, “We should not allow terrorist supporters to teach political activism to our kids.”

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