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Famous Atheist Quits Debate in Fit of Rage

via Matt Dillahunty

During a debate on “Christianity vs. Secular Humanism,” atheist apologist Matt Dillahunty walked out after being confronted by theist Andrew Wilson’s scathing opening remarks.

Wilson argued that secular humanism has led to many modern disasters and questioned whether it truly promotes human flourishing.

He also criticized secular humanism’s stance on sexuality and gender issues. (Trending: Court Hands Down Crucial 2nd Amendment Ruling)

“He thinks it’s funny to kind of cosmically f— with people,” Wilson said.

“That’s his deal. That’s kind of his whole thing. That’s Matt’s worldview. So now, Matt’s right.”

“And the question becomes, should we let them to continue to believe in this nonsensical Stone Age madness, or do we stop them from engaging in it?”

Dillahunty argued that “even if God isn’t real at all, that people acting as though he is is still superior to whatever nonsensical egalitarian worldview Matt can come up with.”

“The question posed to the Western nation is: ‘Can a man be a woman?’ Right?” Wilson pressed early on.

“To the question of if a man can be a woman, they say the answer is yes, and the way we will decree they can be a woman is by saying that ‘woman’ now means ‘male.’ Problem solved. Thank you, secular humanist!”

“Now, I know this is going to sound a little bit totalitarian, but I would in fact create laws that made it a crime for a 9-year-old to have sex with a 9-year-old,” Wilson later argued.

“I would hold the parents criminally liable for allowing this to happen in my evil authoritarian society, where I don’t even let 9-year-olds have sex or the parents go straight to jail for negligence.”

“I came in with the secular humanist manifesto. I came in with positions that aren’t merely my positions,” Dillahunty stated. “This guy’s not serious, and I’m leaving.”

Dillahunty walked out on the debate early, expressing frustration at being forced to defend his ideology.

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