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Trump Jr. Skewers New York City as He Exits Courthouse

via WGN News
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Donald Trump Jr. criticized the civil fraud trial his father, family, and their company are facing, stating that politically motivated prosecutions like these will discourage businesses from operating in or around New York City.

He highlighted the positive impact of Trump’s past development projects in reviving neglected neighborhoods and landmarks, and expressed concern about the implications of the current legal actions.

Trump Jr. emphasized the potential negative effects on economic opportunities and urged for a realization of the situation’s destructive impact on the city. (Trending: Court Hands Down Crucial 2nd Amendment Ruling)

Trump Jr. said, “The implications … for any businesses trying to operate in and around New York are truly staggering but that shouldn’t surprise anyone, based on everything that we’ve seen coming out of this attorney general.”

“It’s just a really sad state of affairs for New York, again, where there is no actual person complaining other than the attorney general herself,” said the son of the former President.

Adding, “I would think that this would set a precedent to make it impossible for anyone to actually do business in or around New York City. But based on everything else I’ve seen in New York, it doesn’t seem like they care.”

Before walking away, Trump Jr. said “Hopefully, one day the people of this great city will realize what is going on.”

He predicted that, “They’ll realize the destructive practices here — they’ll realize just how insane that is and they’ll be begging for guys like Donald Trump to come back to New York City to reshape the skyline as he’s done for decades.”

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